6 petal diet: sample menu for each day, reviews and results

Hello everyone! Want to lose weight in a week and see real results?woman on a 6 petal weight loss dietStart on Monday, and on Sunday morning you can be in "those jeans" or your desired dress that hasn’t buttoned up. Today I will tell you how the 6 petal diet works.

Rapid weight loss is a great female passion, which is worse and stronger than any hurricane. Nothing motivates you to suddenly start losing weight like an extra night pie or a hard zipper on your pants. Do you agree?


In my case, it all started with sausage dough on Saturday. I was sitting at work at home and by evening my brain wanted something pleasant and harmful - flour. The choice fell on the roll and the sausage in it. I ate it calmly and after 30 minutes I remembered going to the restaurant next Saturday in a new dress!

The chosen dress, even before this sausage, had already hinted that it would let me down and betray me at the last minute. But I didn't believe it. Until I put it on again. As you can imagine, I hated all the sausages in the world that used to be in me, the one that was hanging out now and the ones that would come later (but God forbid! ).

It was necessary to solve the problem efficiently, quickly and without harming oneself. I didn't even think about sports, increased fasting and a dress of a larger size.

After a long search and studying a doctor’s review on the Internet, I decided to stay on a floral diet, that is, six petals. Why she is better than others, I will say below.

What is the essence of nutrition

The developed menu refers to the express mono-diet. This means that the products of the same group are alternated in it every day. It is designed for a short time and cannot be repeated regularly.

The flower pattern is as follows (distributed over 6 days):

  • fish,
  • vegetables,
  • chicken,
  • cereals,
  • fermented milk and dairy products,
  • fruits.

The menu must be followed in this sequence. Then the weight loss process will be active. As you can see, proteins and complex carbohydrates are exchanged here. At the same time, you eat well throughout the week.

Tea, coffee and water are also hung. The latter is important to drink in sufficient quantity. I like this? Every time you feel a dry throat, thirst, drink.

The rest of the liquid can, of course, be free of gas, sugar and other additives. A little salt and pepper are allowed from the spices.

We exclude from the diet all sweets, alcohol, flour (damn sausage! ), Fast food, semi-finished products. The restrictions will affect not only the next 6 days, but also the month after. This is a necessary step out of the diet so that you do not gain weight immediately (and this is what the body primarily wants to do).

Remember: 1 day - 1 licensed product and the results will not wait long. Check it out for yourself!

Just in case, I advise you: print a floral template with an indication of the permitted products on your refrigerator. Although, as my experience has shown, without it you will not forget the reduced diet for the next week.

By the way, according to reviews on the Internet, some girls enjoy picking up every petal from the fridge in the evening and are relieved to see when another day has passed. It can be useful for you too.

Benefit and harm

Before moving on to the menu, it is important to discuss all the pros and cons.


  • First, there are serious limitations and contraindications for monochrome.

It does not suit you if you have:

  • anemia,
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • anorexia,
  • gastrointestinal tract problems,
  • diabetes of any kind,
  • breastfeed or are pregnant
  • you have just suffered from a serious illness, surgery, a cold (in this case you need to consult your doctor about your condition),
  • allergic to any listed product.

Girls, this is not a joke. Make a decision about your diet only after visiting a doctor. Luckily for me, I was at the front desk the day before and I knew I could afford this way of losing weight.

  • Secondly, such a diet causes breakdowns, and if you do not control yourself, you can get even more than you are used to.
  • Third, the menu is quite strict and full of restrictions. Although the products are exchanged, there will still be little food within a day. Don’t forget the need to get out of the diet lightly. That is, the path of a low-calorie diet will not end after 6 days, but will continue for another month.

What are the benefits?

There are results. Some have more, some less. I came across stories of losing a pound in six days. Someone managed to lose up to 5 kg. It all depends on your initial weight, metabolism and mobility throughout the day.

Nutritionists advise combining 6 petals with sports. Personally, I could not be active. Due to the low calorie content, there was little energy during the day.

On the positive side as well - the dynamism of the diet. There is something new every day. You don't have time to get used to it and get bored.

The result is an express stick, which with certain reserves can be used several times a year before important events. By the way, spoiler, I ended up in my dress! But then the restaurant had to give up dessert and alcohol.


The first day

Only fish allowed. Some nutritionists believe that low-fat varieties are needed. However, I met the opinion of a European doctor who said the opposite. There are many myths about fat. The most important thing is to gain weight from it. But that is not the case. Moreover, in the conditions of a scarce set of products, Omega does no harm at all. So I advise you to take exactly the right types of fish. Read about the benefits of bold in this article.

fish first day diet with 6 petals

You can cook it in any way except frying, smoking and salting. Cook soups, simmer, bake. Otherwise, you can eat a maximum of 500 grams a day. What can you do here?

For example, cook fish soup without additional additives and drink soup while eating fillets. Bake a portion of the product and eat for lunch and dinner. Every time hunger prevails - drink soup, coffee and tea.

The first day will be especially difficult. I know from myself. Especially when you are an active person and have a lot of work to do. But it will still be easier.

Other day

A row of vegetables. You can eat them 1500 kg. This is, I can tell you, a lot. Imagination is not limited here. Especially now, in the harvest season. You know even better what you can cook. But remember, frying is forbidden.

vegetables on the second day a child with 6 petals

I was personally saved by vegetable salads, zucchini stew, carrots, potatoes and onions, stewed cabbage. It was one of the happiest child days!

Third day

It's time for chicken. There is little space here. The day was sad again. You can cook 500 grams (exactly as much as you can) of breast and eat it during the day with tea or coffee. You can cook soup, bake meat in spices. And in general, that's all. It’s hard, but bearable.

chicken third day diet with 6 petals

The fourth phase

Cereals. Here life again seemed easy and pleasant. The allowed amount is 400 grams of any cereal. And this is a lot. Personally, I ended up eating less. For breakfast, cook oatmeal in water, buckwheat for lunch and bulgur for dinner. Warm and varied.

cereal on the fourth day a child with 6 petals

Fifth border. Almost over

Milk phase. Any fermented dairy products are allowed. Again, I advise you to take fatty, but not sweet. For example, cottage cheese, yogurt, koumiss, ayran, kefir. It is allowed to add drops of milk to coffee and tea. For me personally, the stage was difficult.

milk on the fifth day a child with 6 petals


The homemade part is the sweetest. You can eat fruit, but not too sweet. Bananas, grapes are banned, and dried fruit is very limited.

fruit on the sixth day a child with 6 petals

In summer, such a diet is quite harmonious. But it will be harder in winter. Finding fruit is not easy, and in cold weather you can’t live off apples.

However, all bad things end, as do your torments. At the end of your term, you will be happy to notice changes in your body. It is useful to take photos before and after the procedure to see what the restrictions are for.

Sample menu for each day

We eat everything without sugar and without mayonnaise!

1 day


  • Corpses of cooked squid;
  • Coffee.


  • Soup with salmon or coho salmon (fish markets sell cheap cuttings for soups, like bellies);
  • Cooked tilapia.


  • Grilled or foil scallops;
  • Herbal tea.

Day 2


  • Vegetable stew;
  • Coffee.


  • Grilled zucchini and eggplant;
  • Cream of spinach soup;
  • Tea.


  • Stewed cabbage;
  • Cucumber and tomato salad with herbs;
  • Herbal tea.

Day 3


  • Turkey kebabs;
  • Coffee.


  • Chicken broth;
  • Baked breast with spices.


  • Fillet cooked in an owl or oven;
  • Tea.

Day 4


  • Multigrain crispy bread;
  • Coffee.


  • Steamed buckwheat;
  • Tea.


  • Cooked basmati rice;
  • Herbal infusion.

Day 5


  • Fresh cheese with cream;
  • Coffee with cream.


  • Baked cheesecakes;
  • Milk.


  • Kefir or fermented baked milk;
  • 50 gr. sir.

Day 6


  • Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon;
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice.


  • Fruit salad of pear, kiwi, apple;
  • Coffee.


  • Berry sorbet;
  • Orange and apricot smoothie.

People about the six-petal diet

Reviews are different. Some endured trials calmly and generally revised their habits, refusing to eat sweets and starchy foods. Someone got a heavy diet. It was hard for me in places. I don't want to do it again.

Doctors also cannot say with certainty how diet will affect you. It is best to start with your condition, your current weight. I am committed to talking to nutritionists and nutrition counselors. A completely different option may suit you.

As for my experience, it was not easy. In the first phase, I regretted getting involved in this story. On the day of the curd, it was also embarrassing because I have no love for fermented dairy products. In addition, if you work in an office and eat with colleagues, it is impossible to hide from the smell and types of other people's plates. They seduce, they are inclined to illegal actions. Several times I wanted to steal a piece of meat from a colleague right under my nose, as well as steal all the candy. But I persevered.

My score is minus 3 pounds. I am also satisfied with the beautiful dress, which suits me very well.

Have you tried the 6-petal power system? Share your impressions and photos before and after. Tell us something about your experience: how much did you lose, which phases were particularly painful?

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